Julie-Soleil Meeson

l’Association des intervenants en dépendance du Québec
Steering Committee

Julie-Soleil Meeson obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences: Addiction, Criminology and Mental Health from the University of Montreal in 2000, followed by a Masters Degree in Criminology in 2005. She subsequently held the position of Executive Director of Group de Recherche d’Intervention Psychosociale (GRIP) until 2017, where she worked with recreational substance users in nightlife settings and also developed a comprehensive portfolio of harm reduction tools and workshops addressing the range of psychoactive substances currently available. Currently with l’Association des intervenants en dépendance du Québec (AIDQ), she also teaches the course on Drugs and Crime at University of Montreal. She firmly believes that prevention and harm reduction is essential for people to develop critical thinking skills, and make informed decisions about their substance use. Her current research projects are concerned with drug checking, new drug trends, drug policy, girls and risky behavior, and nightlife harm reduction.