World AIDS Day 2016 – Three Papers To Read

World AIDS Day 2016 is on December 1st.

View three important publications relating HIV/AIDS to harm reduction and drug policy. We will continue to work towards the equitable, safe and dignified treatment of people who use drugs – human rights is for everybody.

1. Drug Policy and Harm Reduction

Policy brief from the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition and the HIV/AIDS Legal Network

Drug Policy and Harm Reduction – English

Politiques sure les drogues er réduction des méfaits – Français


2. Word AIDS Day: Letter to Canada’s Members of Parliament and Senators

Read the HIV/AIDS Legal Network letter to Canada’s Members of Parliament and Senators  on the role they can play in strengthening Canada’s response to HIV.

“In the past year, the federal government has taken some important steps in promoting the health and human rights of people living with and affected by HIV. […] But so much more is needed.”


3. “Nothing About Us Without Us” Greater, Meaningful Involvement of People Who Use Illegal Drugs: A Public Health, Ethical, and Human Rights Imperative

Published in 2008, this report remains relevant today. Brought to you by Open Society Institute Public Health Program, the HIV/AIDS Legal Network and International AIV/AIDS Alliance.

Read the full report – PDF


Download World AIDS Day 2016 Poster
World AIDS Day 2016 Poster

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