Join the global initiative Stop The Harm

CDPC has been working with a broad group of NGOs from around the world to develop Stop the Harm, a campaign that calls for action to reform global drug policies at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on drugs in April 2016. Stop the Harm calls for an end to the war on drugs and the implementation of a health and human rights approach to drugs.

Stop the Harm calls for:

  •  Ending the use of the death penalty for drug offenses.
  • Ending the criminalization of possession of drugs for personal use.
  • Ensuring universal access to controlled medicines for pain relief and treating drug dependence.
  • Scaling up harm reduction services worldwide, such as needle exchange programs and opioid substitution therapies.
  • Promoting human rights by ending mass incarceration, coerced treatment and forced labour for drug offenders.
  • Committing to evidence-based drug policies and embracing new regulatory approaches for cannabis and other drugs.

We will be asking organizations and individuals from across Canada to sign on to the Stop The Harm campaign and work with us to build a strong Canadian representation at the UNGASS meeting in New York. We expect that the new government will engage with civil society and go to New York in partnership to promote a new approach to drugs in Canada and globally.

We encourage you to get involved. Join the campaign by clicking here.