The Vienna Declaration

A major focus of the International AIDS Conference in Vienna July 18 – 23, 2010 is the prevention of HIV as a result of injection drug use within the context of criminalization of drugs. The enforcement of global drug prohibition policies has been shown to make it difficult for people who inject drugs to access health services, drug treatment and harm reduction supplies. Drug law enforcement also contributes to a robust black market in illegal drugs and to drug related violence around the world. Addiction is a public health issue and the Vienna Declaration calls for a full review of current drug policies and the implementation of a science-based public health approach to currently illegal drugs with the goal of reducing individual and community harm. This is a significant development in the global movement for more effective and humane drug policies. Please read the Vienna Declaration and sign on to this important initiative. The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy has also just released a great new video that makes a very strong case for supporting the development and implementation of alternatives to the current approach of criminalizing drugs and people who use them.

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