Our Vision for Drug Policy in Canada

The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition is calling all Canadians to help us build a movement that will transform drug policy in Canada.

The CDPC envisions a safe, healthy and just Canada in which drug policy and legislation as well as related institutional practice are based on evidence, human rights, social inclusion and public health.

The CDPC aims to achieve a society that understands the complexity of substance use and embraces a policy framework that recognizes that problem drug use is a complex social, economic, cultural and health issue.

It is time that we reshape the way Canadian health, social and legal policies respond to alcohol, tobacco and other drug-related problems. We need policies that empower people to play a role in creating their future as equal participants in their learning and healing and to receive the support and compassion they need to get there. Drug policies need to contribute to individual and community health and safety and be evaluated on these measures.

As we connect with Canadians the Coalition will:

It’s time to chart a new path

The current approach to Canada’s “drug problem” is not working.  It relies far too heavily on the criminalization of people and punitive policies. It’s expensive, wasteful, ineffective and damaging to those who are most in need.  It is time for innovative solutions.

The Coalition will advance policy and program innovations that will have a profound impact on reducing the harms related to substance use in Canada.

We will address issues of equity of access to health care for people who use drugs, stigma, and the legislative changes needed to end the criminalization of people who use drugs. We will put forward new ideas for developing an alternative regulatory scheme for all drugs in line with public health and human rights principles that will improve community health and safety.

Our initial focus is to build a coalition for change and to collectively propose new directions for Canadian drug policy.

Take Action and Join the Coalition now!

Join us in forming the future of drug policy in Canada

We are currently engaging in a series of national dialogues and actions – listening, learning, and informing each other as we work together to create a new approach to drug policy in Canada.

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