Communications & Engagement Coordinator

Now in its fourth year of existence, the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition is ready to engage the world of communications in a bigger way. CDPC has a strong national and international network, a significant traditional and social media footprint and a digital video campaign calling on our country’s political leaders to engage in an open and honest discussion of drug policy issues: We also produce influential, groundbreaking publications like Getting to Tomorrow and Changing the Frame that call for a new approach to drug policy in Canada. We know that CDPC has had an impact. Now we want to take it to the next level and we want your help to do this.

Who we are

We are a national network of organizations and individuals working to improve Canada’s drug policy and end the war on drugs internationally. Based at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver we work in four areas:

1) Policy advocacy,
2) Public education and dialogue,
3) Coalition building, and;
4) Advocating change internationally.

We work nationally and internationally with a focus on North American drug policy and the upcoming UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs in April of 2016. Between now and then our focus is to connect with and engage Canadians in thinking about new approaches to illegal drugs in Canada that are based on principles of public health and human rights and are informed by evidence of what works best to reduce the harm from the drug trade and the use of psychoactive substances.

CDPC has created a significant community for change over the past four years and is part of a vibrant international network working towards drug policy reform. We want to broaden our reach, connect interested constituencies, and find new ways to grow the movement for humane drug policies.

Twitter: @CANdrugpolicy
Facebook: Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

The Challenge

• You see a future in which the war on drugs is over – a time when people understand that substance use is a part of human behaviour and strategies to address harm related to drug use are built on principles of public health, evidence, human rights and social inclusion.

• You will play a leadership role in communicating complex issues related to drug policy to the public, those who craft policy, and those who make the decisions.

• You will work to broaden networks and bring new constituencies into the movement to create a new drug policy for Canada.

• You will find and engage others within the international network that can help CDPC work towards reform at the global level.

Who you are

• You are a leader, have a talent for communicating complex issues, a passion for building networks and engaging the public.

• You enjoy engaging media outlets, writing op-ed pieces and press releases and pushing content out to a broad range of traditional and social media platforms.

• You have a strong grasp of social media and digital strategy and have the technical skills to maintain and update a basic website – we use WordPress.

• You have been involved in digital campaigns and understand the importance of meaningful engagement of supporters.

• You are proficient managing a supporter database – we use NationBuilder.

• You are skilled at research, writing, editing and producing materials including promotional materials for print and web-based contexts.

• You can manage multiple projects at the same time and work well within an international community of drug policy change agents.

• You have experience organizing the kind of public events that can showcase our work.

How to participate

Explore to learn more about the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition and follow these instructions:

1) Tell us about yourself and your ideas to help us take the next step in communicating our work. Have fun and be creative!

2 ) Send us a short (60 second max) “selfie” cell phone video telling us why you are the right person for this challenge. Nothing edited – glitzy is not the goal – just a quick intro to let us know why this work matters to you.

3) Send us your CV.

Please send all materials to:

We’ll take a look at all submissions that get to us before May 10th, 2015 at 12:00 midnight Pacific Daylight Time. 

Have fun!

This position is a full-time contract position for a term of one year (extension contingent on available funding) at approximately $30/hour. Ability to communicate in French and/or Spanish is an asset.


The CDPC Communications Challenge Team

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