Kyle Sittek-Lumsden

Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Kyle Sittek-Lumsden is in the 4th year of his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto majoring in political science and sociology. He is currently the chapter leader for the Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy at U of T as well as the secretary for the national board. He has helped throw several events at the school over the past year. His goal is to get his master’s degree in public policy and have a career working in drug policy reform. He currently works for a criminologist at the university as an assistant on a research project related to recidivism in the USA. Kyle’s main areas of interest in drug policy are injection sites, violence associated with drug markets, alcohol harm reduction, and psychedelics to treat mental health problems. Kyle’s main passion in life is evidence-based policy and he has concluded that drug prohibition is the ultimate failed public policy.

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