Stephen Lewis

Criminalization of people who use drugs harms some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens. This has to stop.

Stephen Lewis

former UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa
(photo credit: Farhang Ghajar, CBC)


Drug policy is AIDS policy. It’s about every person’s right to healthcare and to be free from the impact of an epidemic.

Maxine Davis

Executive Director of the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation


It is our job to walk with our relatives. We must share our experiences and reduce the harms associated with substance use.

Ken Clement

CEO of the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN)


This war is destroying the moral and political skeleton of many nations.

Javier Sicilia
Poet and Leader of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity


If we truly want to ensure our children grow up in safe and healthy communities, our drug policies must be guided by scientific evidence, not moral ideology.

British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS


Now is the time to build a strong coalition for change in Canada’s drug policies. Join us in this work!

Donald MacPherson

CDPC Executive Director

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